Rector's Hour

Mikhail Eskindarov, Rector of the Financial University, answered the students' questions during the traditional Rector's Hour held on 16 October 2019. 

The students had an opportunity to describe their own point of view on various issues. Q&A sessions held in this format help build a productive dialogue between the students and the University management. 

When answering the students' questions, Mikhail Eskindarov said a dialogue of equal partners was important as such meetings helped learn about the students' issues and helped resolve them. 

During the Q&A session, Rector mentioned it was important to counter students' cheating and plagiarism, update program content and curricula, improve the Financial University's position in the international rankings, and spoke about the ethical aspects in students' and instructors' behavior. 

He said it was his dream to see every student walking by the University building take off his or her hat as sign of respect. 

Day-to-day life and social issues were also addressed. A co-working zone will be built on the Financial University premises, and water coolers will be placed in the University buildings. 

Rector was glad to answer students' questions sent through the online channels and the questions asked directly from the audience. The students said the meeting was highly productive. Many issues were resolved right on the spot. Some students spoke about their impression of the Q&A session. 

Kseniya Glushkova, a student of the Faculty of Sociology and Political Science, said she had a very good impression of the Rector's Hour event as the answers were concise and to the point. She added that there was no doubt that in that way all the shortcomings would be eliminated in the near future.  She was sure that, due to such meetings, it was clear that steps would be taken to improve students' learning environment and the University infrastructure. She thanked the organizers for the informative event. 

Ruzana Bagdasarova, a student of the Faculty of Sociology and Political Science, said that Rector's Hour event was an important event organized for all the students on the University premises. ​Mikhail Eskindarov described a University development strategy and answered questions of the students voicing their concerns. She said that, first of all, the Q&A session was an opportunity to learn about the Financial University development prospects, the Faculty development prospects, and the students' career development prospects.  She said she thought such meetings were important and useful. She added that she was glad the Rector had always been ready to help students and listen to their point of view.​