Department of Political Science

The key goal and objectives of the Department of Political Science is to unite scholars and researchers; improve the environment needed for building and developing the University scientific schools; become engaged in the large-scale University research projects; become a renowned center of researchers' cooperation and build partnerships both within the University and outside the University. A major part of the Department operations is efficient interaction with the labor market players aimed at helping young political scientists and PR experts find jobs and use their potential. The Department of Political Science was formed as a result of a merger of two University departments, i.e. the Department of Applied Political Science and the Department of General Political Science, Institute for the Study of Effective State and Civil Society Issues and the Political Research Center.

The Department opened and supervises the following:

1. Political Dialogue Club

2. Political Technologies Workshop

3. Seminar on cognitive technologies (high-hume technologies) used in analytical and research work

4. Student Research Association seminar

5. Tea Club for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Political Science

6. Luxury and Consumption: History and the Present Section at the Researcher Association (organized in partnership with the Department of Economic Theory).

7. Topical Political News Club

8. Strategic Games Club

Political Research Center is incorporated into the Department. The Center's key goal is to promote the Financial University researchers' scientific potential within the industry expert community and to build synergies between the experts in political science theory and practitioners specializing in applied political science. Pavel Salin, PhD (Law), is Director of the Center.

Department Management

  • Sergei Belokonev is Head of the Department of Political Science, PhD (Political Science). Expert in political technologies, investment, optimization and modernization of processes and institutions.
    Research interests: political psychology, investment management, political and economic basis of regional development.  
  • Sergei Rastorguyev is Deputy Head of the Department of Political Science for Teaching and Teaching Methodology, Doctor of Political Science, Associate Professor.
    Research interests: the relationship between political power and business companies in contemporary Russia, political and economic foundations of the modern states' stability.
  • Roman Pyrma is Deputy Head of the Department of Political Science for Master and Postgraduate Training, PhD (Political Science), Associate Professor.
    Research interests: political technologies, political management, public relations (PR), mass media, political marketing, political sociology, political psychology, electoral systems, political ideology.
  • Natalia Nazarova is Deputy Head of the Department of Political Science for Research and Master and Postgraduate Training, PhD (Economics).
    Research interests: business activity and entrepreneurship, business communication, policy in the field of education, youth policy and youth self-management, managerial personnel pool development.

Teaching and Learning

The Department is a degree-awarding department. It trains bachelors majoring in Political Science (with the concentration in Public Relations in Politics and Business and Political Science and Economic Processes).

The Department trains masters majoring in Political Science (with the concentration in Political and Economic Foundations of the Modern States' Stability). The program in Political and Economic Foundations of the Modern States' Stability is new. Leading experts and think-tanks are engaged in the teaching process. Students have an opportunity to get training during the practical training period organized by renowned companies. Much attention is paid to taking employers' requirements into the account when teaching the students. The graduates of the program work at federal, regional, local government institutions, in the media,  publishing houses, PR and GR companies, offices of political parties and community organizations, etc.

Contact information  

  • Zaira Usmanova is an aide to the Department Head, tel. + 7 (499) 943 9407, e-mail:
  • Nadezhda Koroteyeva is a chief expert, tel.: + 7 (499) 943 9311, e-mail: