​​​The Financial University research departments' key goals are the following:   

  • To develop promising research areas as a basis for new knowledge; new scientific school formation and development and leading researcher team building; 
  • To efficiently use the University research potential in order to resolve topical issues in the field of economics and finance with a view to conduct social and economic reforms in Russia;   
  • To build an environment that would harmonize teaching and research; 
  • To ensure research, methodological and teaching product development that will be in demand in the Financial University and elsewhere;  
  • To protect the University intellectual property rights;  
  • To proactively engage students in research work, to make them use a creative approach to resolving practical issues that they could face in their professional activity;   
  • To further cooperation with the research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, higher education institutions, and customers interested in performing research project work within the Financial University field of specialism;  
  • To expand cooperation with the overseas higher education institutions and research centers with a view to conduct joint research projects and become integrated into the international higher education and research area;  
  • To build an environment needed to ensure acquisition of additional budget and non-budget funds via conducting research work (rendering researcher services).   

The research formats are:   

  • Teaching staff and student research in the University priority areas, including research funded by the budget, non-budget funds, various grant funds and analytical work; 
  • Student research;
  • Training of highly-qualified instructors and researchers;
  • Organization of research conferences, forums, seminars, etc.;
  • Publication of research works. 

Commissioned research and analysis work conducted in line with the orders made by the Government of the Russian Federation are on top of the University research priorities list.   

The research priorities list includes the following: 

  • Financial support of the economy and social sector development process; 
  • Corporate governance and business strategy development;
  • Information support and technical support of the economy, managerial decision-making and financial management process;
  • Economic security solutions development;
  • Development of solutions aimed at promoting globalization and economic institutions' modernization;
  • Identification of non-economic factors of social and economic development.

The Financial University now has 14 research departments, 24 teaching departments, 9 research institutes, 2 higher schools, 2 research centers, 28 University Branches. In total, there are 2,839 teaching staff members and researchers (incl. 454 Doctors of Sciences and 1,444 PhD degree holders).

For further information​ ​please refer to the leaflet below:

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Contact Information

Address: Leningradsky Prospekt, 49, 125993, Moscow

Tel.: 8(499)943-93-74, 8(499)270-46-15

Fax: 8(499)270-46-07



If you have any questions related to event organization and/or agreements to perform R&D work, please contact 

Ms. Anna Bakulina

Deputy Vice-Rector for Research,

at: 8(499)-943-93-84 or by sending an e-mail to:

Ms. Yulia Gruzina

Deputy Vice-Rector for Research,

at: 8(499)-943-93-38 or by sending an e-mail to:

Nikolai Chalenko

Pre-Project Development and Research Findings Commercialization Unit

at: 8(499)-943-94-04 or by sending an e-mail to: