Regional branches


The Financial University is one of the oldest Russian higher education institutions. It is a leading education and research center. It has a wide network of regional branches.    

The Financial University Branches have implemented and are improving the training scheme based upon the principle of continuing education. Within the system, post-secondary training programs, bachelor, and master degree programs are offered. 

Branches' close cooperation with the representatives of the regional business community, government institutions in the constituent territories of the Russian Federation and self-governments helps our students build their individual learning trajectories and professional development paths during the period of study.     

The University regional branch network consists of 27 University Branches, including 13 Branches where higher education programs are on offer, 4 Branches where post-secondary training and higher education programs are on offer and 10 Branches where post-secondary training programs are on offer.   

There are the following Financial University regional Branches: 


Barnaul Branch​​

656038 Barnaul, Prospekt Lenina, 54,
Vladimir Branch600037 Vladimir, Ulitsa Tikhonravova, 1,
Vladikavkaz Branch362021 The Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Vladikavkaz, Ulitsa Molodezhnaya, 7,
Kaluga Branch248016 Kaluga, Ulitsa Chizhevskogo, 17,
Krasnodar Branch350051 Krasnodar, Ulitsa Shosse Neftaynikov, 32/Ulitsa Imeni Fyedora Luzana, 34,
Kursk Branch 305016 Kursk, Ulitsa Lomonosova, 3,
Lipetsk Branch398050 Lipetsk, Ulitsa Internatsionalnaya, 12b,
Novorossiysk Branch353912 Novorossiysk, Ulitsa Vidova, 56,
Omsk Branch644001 Omsk, Ulitsa Maslennikova, 43,
Oryol Branch302001 Oryol, Ulitsa Gostinaya, 2,
Penza Branch440052 Penza, Ulitsa Kalinina, 33b,
Saint-Petersburg Branch

197198 Saint-Petersburg, Ulitsa Syezzhinskaya, 15/17,

Smolensk Branch214018 Smolensk, Prospekt Gagarina, 22,
Tula Branch300012 Tula, Ulitsa Oruzheinaya, 1а,
Ufa Branch450015 Ufa, Ulitsa Mustaya Karima,  69/1,
Chelyabinsk Branch454084 Chelyabinsk, Ulitsa Rabotnits, 58,
Yaroslavl Branch

150003 Yaroslavl, Ulitsa Kooperativnaya, 12-а,

Blagoveshchensk Economist-Training Post-Secondary School675005 Blagoveshchensk, Ulitsa Chaikovskogo, 87,
Buzuluk Economist-Training Post-Secondary School461043 Buzuluk, Ulitsa Lizy Chaikinoi, 1,
Zvenigorod Economist-Training Post-Secondary School143185 , Zvenigorod, Ulitsa Sportivnaya, 1,                          
Kanash Economist-Training Post-Secondary School429330 Kanash, Ulitsa Komsomolskaya, 46,
Krasnoyarsk Economist-Training Post-Secondary School660075  Krasnoyarsk, Ulitsa Maerchaka, д. 20,
Makhachkala Economist-Training Post-Secondary School367014 Makhachkala, Prospekt A. Akushinskogo, 90,
Perm Economist-Training Post-Secondary School614077 Perm, Bulvar Gagarina, 50,
Samara Economist-Training Post-Secondary School443090 Samara, Ulitsa Antonova-Ovseyenko, 57,
Surgut Economist-Training Post-Secondary School628408 Surgut, Ulitsa Energetikov, 15/1,
Shadrinsk Economist-Training Post-Secondary School641870 Shadrinsk, Ulitsa Chetvertogo Uralskogo Polka, 30,