Publications and conference presentations

1)     Cooperation of business and government to achieve sustainable development of the economy (collective monograph) under the general editorship of Kuznetsov O.V., Rodionova​ M.E., Seleznev P.S., INFRA-M, 2019. – 308 p.

Part 3 - European experience of sustainable economic development.

2)     Energy in the modern world (study guide for directions “Political Science", "International relations", "Foreign area studies") under the general editorship of M.E. Rodionova, P.S. Seleznev, I.V. Yushkov, S.P. Mitrakhovich. M.: KNORUS, 2019 – 424 p.

3)     Electoral processes in Russia and Europe: new practices, institutions and technologies (scientific monograph) under the general editorship of M.E. Rodionova, Belokonev S.Y., Seleznev P.S., Ezhov D.A. M.: KNORUS, 2018 – 344 p.

4)     Europe facing the challenges of the XXI centuries (the scientific monograph) under the general editorship of M.E. Rodionova. M.: KNORUS, 2017 – 272 p.

5)     Europe in the new world reality (scientific monograph) M.: Rusain, 2016 - 170 p.

6)      Sociology of international economic relations (textbook) M.: Rusain, 2018 - 162 p. (Higher education: bachelor's degree) 


Rodionova M.E., Moreva E.L., S.A. Bratchenko, B.S. Bratchenko. Gender changes in corporate boards of directors //  International Scientific Conference “Global Challenges and Prospects of the Modern Economic Development" (GCPMED 2018) ISSN: 2357-1330 (Web of Science)

Kuznetsov O.V., Rodionova M.E. Opportunities for implementation of project activities at the Financial University // Financial and Economic Tools Used in the World Hospitality Industry: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Management and Technology in Knowledge, Service, Tourism & Hospitality 2017 (SERVE 2017). Reference - 300 Pages ISBN 9781138553972  (Web of Science)

Rodionova M.E., Kuznetsov O.V. Financial literacy and financial education as one of main priority state programs // International Scientific Conference “Global Challenges and Prospects of the Modern Economic Development" (GCPMED 2018) ISSN: 2357-1330 (Web of Science)

Rodionova M.E. Questions of political science №4, 2019. "Technologies of image formation of European politicians (before and after election campaigns)" p. 753-761

Rodionova M.E. Questions of national and Federal relations. №6, 2019. / / Investment migration issues: analysis of programs of the European Union.

Rodionova M.E. Features of the parliamentary elections in Austria in 2017. S. Kurts as a new type of statesman (scientific article) / / Questions of political science. – M.: 2018. – Volume 8. – No. 7 (35). – P. 269-276.

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Rodionova M.E. Communicative practice within the conference "Project management: prospects of development" (scientific article) // Communicology. – M.: 2018. – No. 8. – P. 27-36

Rodionova M.E. Strengthening of international cooperation through international scientific councils at the University (scientific article) / / Actual problems of financial management. Materials of the International scientific-practical conference. - Burgas: Institute of Humanities, Economics and information technologies, 2016. – P. 272-281.

Rodionova M.E. International positioning of the Russian University: features of communication policy (scientific article) / / Communicology. – M.: 2016. – No. 3.  P. 135-140.

Rodionova M.E., Rodicheva Yu.S. Points of contact of the currency policy of Russia and Armenia in the framework of the formation of the monetary Union on the basis of the EEU (scientific article) // Fundamental research. – Penza: 2016.  No. 3-3. – P. 619-622.

Rodionova M.E. Results of the study of corporate culture of energy companies (scientific article) / / Economics and entrepreneurship. – M.: 2015. No. 6-1 (59-1).  P. 601-605. 

Presentations at Russian and international conferences

  1. Speech at the Congress of political scientists "Features of modern electoral technologies in Europe" on the example of the presidential elections in France 2017.  December 7, 2018.
  2. Presentation at the VII International scientific congress "New in the development of entrepreneurship: innovations, technologies, investments" on May 23-24 with the report "Current issues of investment migration in the EU: market overview".

  1. Presentation "International project management in education (on the example of EU projects)" at the international conference "Project management trends in Russia and in  the world" February 19, 2019 – 5B.
  2. Presentation of the V International forum of the Financial  University "How to get into the top five?" in the section "New socio-economic paradigm: the conceptual change strategies"  27.11.2018.
  3. Presentation at the XXIV Russian sociological readings RSSU 09.04.2019 with the report "Formation of image of the University in the digital environment».
  4. Presentation at the XV International scientific and practical conference "Corporate social responsibility and business ethics" on May 23-24, 2019 with the report " Investment in human capital as the main competitive advantage and factor of innovative development of the University».