Department of Sociology

About the Department

The Department of Sociology was established on 1 June 2016 as a result of the merger of the teaching Department of Philosophy and the Department of Applied Sociology.

The Department offers a program in Economic Sociology and a master program in Social Management of Strategic Development.

The Department offers the following programs to teaching staff:  

  • Sociology 
  • Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies 

The Department trains experts who are in demand on the labor market, who can use sociological methods of examining social processes going on in the field of economy and finance, who can   identify social consequences of economy management, calculate social risks of economic reforms and propose a constructive way to resolve complex social and economic issues.

Among the 55 members of the Department teaching staff, there are Doctors of Science and holders of PhD degrees who have deep knowledge of the disciplines and are able to provoke students' interest in class. They use interactive teaching techniques, conduct seminars, incorporate role-play into the classroom, organize roundtable discussion sessions, use multimedia technology, work in computer classes and media libraries.

There are the following scientific schools at the Department:

  1. The School of Gender and Economic Sociology
  2. The School of Philosophy of Globalization 

 An educational sociological research laboratory is incorporated in the Department.