Institute for Research of International Economic Relations

Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the Institute for Research of International Economic Relations.

Our institute is one of the leading Russian research centers that conducts research in the interests of Russian public authorities, private companies and the Eurasian Economic Commission.

We cover research on the following areas:

  • world economy and its specifics;

  • international social and migration processes;

  • globalization as a phenomenon with economic, political and socio-cultural aspects;

  • development of unipolarity in the world community and transition to multipolarity as a system of relations that allows to ensure the dynamic and sustainable development of the world community;

  • role of the modern state in the development of the society;

  • world financial system;

  • development of national socio-economic strategies, as well as theory and practice of economic evolution in the modern world.

We study best international practices in political, socio-economic, ethnocultural, financial and banking sectors and develop recommendations for government authorities and privately owned companies.

We analyze the implementation of economic agreements of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Economic Union member states with foreign partners and develop proposals for improving the effectiveness of their execution.

We study issues that are discussed within international economic alliances where Russia is a participant and prepare materials for upcoming meetings. Problems of integration processes in Europe and Eurasia, economic growth and contemporary challenges to sustainable development, financial stability and risks, migration policy and others are areas of our interest too.

Our team consists of high-level professionals with academic degrees and government awards, while many of them have civil service experience, worked for international organizations, in Russian missions abroad and foreign scientific and academic institutions. They are involved in research activity, regularly publish books and articles in the peer reviewed journals and proceedings of international conferences in Russia and abroad, for example, the monograph
The Competitiveness of the National Economy under Multipolarity 

We are open for cooperation, including through joint research, conferences and symposia on topics of mutual interest. 

Professor Dr. Victoria Perskaya