Institute for Research of International Economic Relations (IRIER) performs fundamental and applied multidisciplinary academic research based on organic coherence of scientific, educational and consulting activity, and contributes to relevant departments of the Financial University. The Institute is assigned by the Government of the Russian Federation in research and analysis according to its specialization as well as in preparing expert opinions and analytical studies.

Our main goals

  • to perform studies which form the Financial University’ competitive advantages in the areas of fundamental and applied academic research to address critical aspects of social and economic development of the Russian Federation based on international experience and aimed at its further integration into the world economy;
  • to develop concepts of economic cooperation with countries participating in international unions and alliances;
  • to introduce fundamental and applied research in the educational process;
  • to carry out analytical, expert, consulting and methodology work by participating in assignments of international and national authorities;
  • to develop cooperation with scientific, research, analytical and educational centers of Russian and foreign universities and other research organisations as well as with scientific associations and communities.

Areas of our expertise

  • study of global economic development, including processes of transformation in world economy and international economic relations;
  • analysis of development of global, regional and national markets of goods, services, capital and labour;
  • assessment and expert evaluation of the international monetary systems, international financial institutions reform, international banking regulation, perspectives of development of world financial centers, financial and banking sectors;
  • analysis of risks in international monetary and banking systems;
  • participation in the development of schools of science on world economy and global finances, including international monetary and credit relations, and on multipolarity of the world economy;
  • integration of research and educational processes;
  • scientific, methodological, consulting, information, expert and analytical support to public and private institutions and international authorities in the areas of world economy, international banking and finance;
  • organization of national and international academic conferences, workshops, seminars, roundtables and other related events.

Services we provide

The institute performs research together with consulting, information, analytical and other services stipulated in the Statute of the Financial University in the following areas:

  • international economic relations in the context of globalization and regionalization processes;
  • international and national monetary, banking and financial systems;
  • foreign economic policy;
  • development of international financial centers, financial and banking sectors and international banking regulation;
  • globalization and regionalization of the world economy;
  • international integration processes;
  • economic migration and international migration policy experience;
  • role of demographic policy in developing human resources and human capital;

The IRIER also participates in the development of legislative and information papers and analytical studies on the world economy, international finance, international economic relations and international business.​​​​​​