Department of Business Informatics

​The Department of Business Informatics was opened following the Financial University rector's order on 20 November 2012.

The Department's key goal is to become the center of professional competence in business companies' information technology management and application in the period of digital transformation.

The Department's goals:  

  • To become integrated into the Russian Higher Education Area and occupy the leader's position among the institutions offering programs in business informatics
  • To develop the personnel potential through attracting young and ambitious instructors and well- known researchers operating in the field of information technology and information resource management in business companies;
  • To engage practitioners whose specialism is IT development, management and use into the learning process. Their knowledge and experience will guarantee that the right professional competencies will be formed in students majoring in Business Informatics;
  • To internationalize the programs in Business Informatics by launching exchange programs and double degree programs jointly with the leading European universities;
  • To write textbooks, manuals and books on teaching methodology related to training in Business Informatics and publish them at the leading Russian publishing houses;
  • To integrate educational resources and technologies with the University Branches that offer programs in Business Informatics;
  • To become engaged in research and consulting projects in the Department field of specialism.