Department of Business Economics

About the Department

The Department key goal is to produce highly-qualified experts by ensuring efficient operations management while offering programs to bachelor program students of all majors, master program students and postgraduate students majoring in business economics and entrepreneurship.  The Department is engaged in all kinds of didactic, methodological, and research activity.

The Department offers programs of study to bachelor students majoring in Economics (concentration: Economics and Finance of the Fuel and Energy Sector); to master students majoring in Economics (concentration: Economics and Modelling of Business Processes in the Fuel and Energy Sector); postgraduate students majoring in Economics and National Economy Management.

The Departments has the following competitive advantages: 

  • It develops and improves learning technologies (incl. the interactive didactic methodology);  
  • It uses the personal approach to students and develops the learners' abilities; 
  • It uses the learning through research approach by engaging students in research;  
  • It uses IT when solving a wide range of problems in the professional activity;
  • It develops its own independent student work strategy;  
  • It offers practice-oriented programs by engaging practitioners in the learning process. The leading business companies' employees conduct seminars and master classes.

The Department has the following goals: 

  • To transfer fundamental knowledge of applied economics;
  • To form a comprehensive view on the economic processes that take place in economic entities;
  • To develop skills needed to resolve specific economic issues and problems;
  • To provide training to students that would allow them to form and develop their own businesses.

The highly-qualified teaching staff is engaged in the teaching and research process. There are 6 professors, including 6 doctors of economics, 6 associate professors, including 6 PhD degree holders. 

 The Department has its own scientific school. The Department teaching staff is engaged in training young scientists and researchers at the postgraduate studies department. The young researchers' theses are devoted to resolving topical issues in economic and national economy management.