Alexander A. Bogdanov (Malinovskiy) is a famous outstanding Russian scientist, economist, philosopher, scientific organizer, physician, political leader and a writer.






On December 10, 2019 (Tuesday), there will be a conference devoted to A.A. Bogdanov's (Malinovskiy) artistic heritage, who created a new scientific discipline and founded system theory and system analyses in XX century. The department “System Analyses in Economics" of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and some other organizations provide this Conference. 

  • Place of the conference: room 213, 55 Leningradskiy prospect, Moscow.
  • Time: 10.00 – 18.00.
  • Registration begins at 09.30 

The conference will show the A.A. Bogdanov's contribution to the modern and economic science, philosophy development, political life and other activities. 


  • Mr. Bogdanov's tectology, operational mindset and modern theories of the economic and social systems (moderators: G.B. Kleiner, S.E. Schepetova);
  • System imperatives of the organizational management (moderators: I.N. Drogobytskiy, E.N. Sirota);
  • From Bogdanov's organizational science to the quality of modern organizations as systems (moderators: Ju.P. Adler, T.M. Polkhovskaya);
  • A.A. Bogdanov's (Malinovskiy) heritage in the development of political and cultural science (moderators: Ya.A. Plyays, A.B. Shatilov);
  • A.A. Bogdanov's ideas to the development of modern medicine (moderators: A.I. Bogomolov, I.A. Gundarov);
  • System development basis of the ownership relations in digital economy (moderators: I.Ju. Belyaeva, O.V. Danilova));
  • World civilizational processes in the view of A.A. Bogdanov's ideas (moderators: G.A. Scherbakov, S.I. Kruzhilov);
  • Mr. Bogdanov's organizational principles in the designing of the information business systems (moderators: S.G. Zbrishak, Ju.A. Korablev).

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The conference includes the participants' reports only. No conference collective works publication after.

Time limit on the reporters' speeches is 15 minutes maximum. 

If you want to participate in the conference, please:

  • Fill the application form at the conference page before November 24, 2019;
  • E-mail your presentations to before December 1, 2019.


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Financial University, Department “System Analysis in the Economy" (Olga G.)

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tel.: +7(985)724-11-22 

Program Committee

The chairman of the program committee:

Georgiy B. Kleiner,

Associate member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Economics, professor, the chairman of the department “System Analysis in Economy", deputy academic director of the Central Economic Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the head of research group “Mesoeconomics, Microeconomics, Corporate Economics".


Jury P. Adler,

Candidate of engineering sciences of the National University of Science and Technology "MISiS", the professor of the department of Certification and Analytical Control, the member of the International Professional Quality Guild, the regular member of the International Public Organization of the Academy of Quality Problem.

Natalya F. Altukhova

Doctor of Economics, assistant professor the head of the department “Business and Information Science".

Irina Yu. Belyaeva

Doctor of Economics, professor, Honorary member of higher professional education of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the RF President award winner in education in 2000, the member of the committee of the Corporate Social Responsibility of Russian Managers' Association.

Igor A. Gundarov

Doctor of Medicine, Cand. Sc. Philosophy, professor, chief specialist of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University

Victor P. Nevezhin

Candidate of Engineering Sciences, professor, the professor of the Department of Data Analysis, Decision-Making and Financial Techs.

Yakov A. Plyays

Doctor of historical sciences, doctor of political sciences, professor, the professor of the Department of Political Science, the regular member of the Academy of Political Science.

Marina A. Fedotova,

Doctor of Economics, professor, the Head of the Department of Corporate Finance and Corporate Management, Laureate of the RF President's State Prize in Education, honored economist of the Russian Federation, Honorary member of higher professional education of the RF, awarded the Order of Honor, the vice-chairman of NCC, Dissertation Board member

Vladimir L. Shper,

The leading expert of NUST MISIS;

the Member of the editorial board of the international magazine Communications in Dependability and Quality Management,

the Auditor of American Society for Quality (ASQ)


Organizational Committee

The Chairman of the Organizational Committee:

Svetlana E. Schepetova,

Doctor of Economics, associate professor, First Vice-Head of the Department “System Analysis in Economy"


Alexandr I. Bogomolov,

Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Senior Associate, associate professor of the Department of Data Analysis, Decision-Making and Financial Techs.

Olga G. Borunova,

Chief specialist of the department “System Analysis in Economy".

Elena V. Vasilyeva,

Doctor of Economics, professor of the Department “Business and Information Science".

Olga V. Danilova,

Doctor of Economics, professor, the professor of the department of the corporate finance and corporate management.

Leonid S. Zvyagin,

Doctor of Economics, associate professor of the department “System Analysis in Economy", the Deputy Head of the Department of Management of the Organization and Monitoring of the Educational Process.

Anastasia A. Isaeva,

The intern researcher of the Center of System Researches of the Department “System Analysis in Economy".


Tatyana M. Polkhovskaya,

Cand. Sc. Physics and Mathematics, associate professor of NUST MISIS, the director of the educational and scientific center of the management and certification systems (NUST MISIS), the member of the International Professional Quality Guild (Deutsche Manаgement Akademie Niedersachsen), regular member of Academy of Quality Problem (AQP).




Alexander B. Shatilov,

Cand. Political Science, the professor of the Department of Political Science, the dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Science.

Elena I. Khunizidi,

Candidate of Engineering Sciences, associate professor of NUST MISIS, deputy director of the educational and scientific center of the management and certification systems (NUST MISIS), Quality Manager, the advisor of Quality Systems Certification, the advisor of the Environment Management System Certification, the advisor of OHSAS Certification, The Head of NUST MISIS Certifying Body (NUST MISIS CB), the member of the International Professional Quality Guild.



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Historical Background

A.A. Bogdanov (1873-1928) was born in 1873 in the town of Sokolka of Grodnenskiy Region in the family of school teacher. He left Tulskiy Classic Gymnasia with a gold medal. He studied at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Moscow University, but was withdrawn for participation in the student movement. In 1899, Bogdanov graduated from Medical Faculty of Kharkov University with a diploma of physician.

In 1903, he joined the Bolsheviks party. “Bogdanov" became his political nickname. He was acquainted with N.A. Berdyaev, V.I. Lenin, A.M. Gorkiy, V.I. Bonch-Bruevich, and G.V. Plekhanov.

In 1909, Bogdanov left the Bolsheviks party and politics. He was interested in economy, literature and medicine.

In 1914, he went to the war as a military doctor.

After the October Revolution A.A. Bogdanov gave lectures in Economics in Moscow University. In 1918, he participated in Proletarian Cultural and Educational Organization and worked in the Communist Academy.

Since 1921, he has been totally launched in the scientific research, mainly in gerontology and hematology. As far as in 1908 he wrote his scientific and utopian novel “Red Star" and described the methods of replacement transfusion as well, as spoke about his position against the blood function as a chief organizing agent that provides body vitality. Bogdanov was the first who understood a great social and medical importance of blood transfusion. He believed that wide application of the hypertransfusion might have a positive converting influence on a human and society.

Together with S.L. Maloletkov, D.A. Gudim-Levkovich, I.I. Sobolev, the enthusiastic doctors, who appreciated the importance and the prospects of the transfusion, he began self-experiments of the replacement transfusion and used the members of his family as well. First, he made surgery at home, but since 1924, he practiced in a private city hospital.

In 1925, A.A. Bogdanov performed to People's Commissariat of Public Health draft project on organization of the Institute of Transfusion. The project was approved, and on February 26, 1926, the Government took a decision signed by V.V. Kuybyshev to open this Institute. In March of 1926, N.A. Semashko signed an order to organize the Institute of Transfusion. The director was A.A. Bogdanov.

From the very beginning the Institute activity aimed to develop the most important theoretical and practical tasks: 

  • To study blood transfusions during different types of pathology;
  • To study the replacement transfusion application;
  • To develop the methods to get standard group serums;
  • To create devices for the following blood banking and transfusion;
  • To educate and train physicians to carry out blood transfusions;
  • To create blood donor banking. 

In May of 1926, there was carried out first successful transfusion and by April of 1928, there were already carried out about 400 transfusions. 

Alexander A. Bogdanov was an outstanding scientist, and he passed away being an Institute director and Academic supervisor. 

He was doing his best to promote transfusion and he made 11 transfusions to himself, mind that five transfusions were of 900 ml. First, he showed no reaction, but satisfactory benefits. However, the twelfth transfusion became fatal for Alexander. In three hours, he showed a hard transfusion reaction. 

Until the end of his life Alexander tried to overcome the illness, made self-observation and wrote the symptoms of a disease, he refused of medical assistance in the scientific interest. We still remember about A.A. Bogdanov's pure courage and firmness and keep it in the history of medicine along with the scientific deeds of the researchers who suffered during their experiments and proved their points at the expense of their lives.

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