Faculty of Finance and Economics

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Today, the Faculty of Finance and Economics is the leader in training of highly-qualified experts who aptly combine a deep knowledge of the theory with practical skills in public finance, treasury technology, corporate finance, business value management and insurance business.

We maintain the traditions of the Financial University. We use the latest learning technologies, benefit from scientific achievements and train highly-qualified experts in finance, insurance and business valuation. We proactively participate in production, dissemination and use of the latest fundamental and applied knowledge of finance and economics.   

For decades, the Faculty graduates have become heads of the financial system of the country. The following persons are among the Faculty graduates: V.S. Pavlov, Chairman of the Government of the USSR; A.G. Zverev, I.I. Fadeev, I.N. Lazarev, V.E. Orlov, V.G. Panskov, B.G.Fedorov, A.G. Siluanov, Ministers of Finance of the USSR, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, and the Russian Federation; A.V.Drozdov, Chairman of the Board of the Pension Fund of Russia, B. I. Zlatkis, Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Sberbank of the Russian Federation; V.Е. Chistova, Minister of the Government of the City of Moscow and others.