Student Research

​Student research at the Faculty of Finance and Economics is aimed at ensuring the continuity of the research process. Even the first-year students of bachelor degree programs get an opportunity to try their hand at doing the research within the framework of the 3-year course titled 'Research Seminar for Bachelors' where each student, acting under the guidance of an experienced instructor, studies the research methodology,  an oral presentation and research findings presentation or a project preparation techniques, methods of research work preparation or publication preparation for the peer-reviewed journals, as well as methods used for reviewing papers taken from international databases that concern issues that are of interest to the students.

In order to develop their research potential, the students have an opportunity to join the team of the most active members of the Student Research Society, interact with instructors during the meeting of scientific societies, debates and debating societies' meetings, as well as meetings of the Young Researcher School.

The students use their research potential in practice when participating in researcher events, competitions, and championships.

Recognition of the bachelor program students' research findings gives them an incentive for continuing their studies at the master training department, and the best students are enrolled to our postgraduate training department.   

 Thus, our Faculty builds a learning environment that is favorable for identifying talented students from the very beginning, developing their research potential and offering further professional development opportunities to the graduates at the Financial University and within the national financial system.