Faculty of Foundation Programs for International Students


The Faculty of Foundation Programs for International Students was opened in December 2015.

The Faculty staff prepares the international students for further training in economics, humanities and engineering conducted in the Russian language. 

Period of study: 1 year

Workload of the course of the Russian Language is 720 hours.

Learning facilities: The Faculty has modern classrooms equipped with multimedia equipment. There are Internet connected computer classes with access to the Financial University e-learning environment. Students also have access to special classrooms equipped for independent student work.

The Faculty teaching staff members who are engaged in the learning process at the Faculty have a large experience in teaching international students.    

The Faculty staff members arrange orientation programs that include tours, cultural programs, creative projects, and manage patriotic events.

Tuition fee: 199,000 rubles a year.

The students who pass the final examinations and complete the course obtain a Certificate of Program Completion.


Tatyana Bratarchuk

Dean Faculty of Foundation Programs, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor

Department of Public Administration and Municipal Management

Tel.: +7 (499) 943-94-82

E-mail: Tvbutova@fa.ru

​​​Svetlana Morokhina

Deputy Dean of Faculty of Foundation Programs

Tel.: +7(499) 943-95-21

E-mail: Slmorokhina@fa.ru

Ekaterina Popova​

​Deputy Dean of Faculty of Foundation Programs

Tel.: +7(499) 943-95-21

E-mail: Eapopova@fa.ru​​​​​​

Y​ulia Ilina


Faculty of Foundation Programs​

Tel.: +7(499) 943-95-21

E-mail: YIIlina@fa.ru

Address: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 55, room 317, 318, Russian Federation (near Airport metro station)


In order to become enrolled, you need to submit the following documents:

  1. A copy of the passport (the first page including the photo) and its translation into Russian. The passport expiry date should not be earlier than two years from the date of application;
  2. A copy of the document certifying prior training and its translation into the Russian language;
  3. A soft copy of your color photograph (3 x 4 cm)   
  4. You need to send the above to the following e-mail addresses: Tvbutova@fa.ruSlmorokhina@fa.ruEapopova@fa.ru​​​​​​, YIIlina@fa.ru or submit the documents in person or through your representative in Moscow to the following address: Russia, Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 55, room 317, 318 (near Airport metro station).


I. In order to obtain an invitation to enter the territory of the Russian Federation, you need to: 

  1. Fill in the form that is needed to issue a student invitation and send it to: Tvbutova@fa.ruSlmorokhina@fa.ruEapopova@fa.ru​​​​​​, YIIlina@fa.ru;
  2. Pay the public fee amount of 800 rubles and submit the original of the receipt in person or mail it to: Russia, Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 55, room 317, 318, Faculty of Foundation Programs;
  3. Indicate the representative to whom the invitation should be handed out or your e-mail address to which a soft copy of the invitation will be sent;  
  4. It takes 20 to 30 calendar days to issue an invitation;
  5. After receiving the invitation, apply for the student entry visa to the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation located in your country.

II. The Financial University Visa Department is in charge of issuing migration documents. 

Within 2 days of the date of arrival, you need to submit the following to the Visa Department located at: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 49, room 415:

  1. Passport (the original and 3 copies);
  2. An entry visa (the original and 2 copies);
  3. Migrant card (issued by the border control authorities), with the 'training' indicated as the purpose for entering (the original and 3 copies);
  4. A completed notice of arrival and a completed visa application form.


In order to become enrolled, you need to submit the following medical certificates and their translation into the Russian language:

  1. HIV RW, HBC, HCV, malaria certificate;
  2. Infectious disease certificate;
  3. Vaccination certificate;
  4. Certificate issued by an X-ray specialist;
  5. Certificate issued by a dermatologist;
  6. Certificate of absence of helminth eggs;
  7. Infectionist's certificate.

The Financial University renders assistance to the international students in concluding insurance services agreements upon arrival.


All the students at the Faculty are offered good accommodation at the University student residence halls located on campus during the period of study;

All rooms meet all the sanitary requirements;

The modern residence halls have security guards service and a modern surveillance system in place;

The room rent amount is 1000 to 1,950 rubles a month. The amount depends on the room category.  This amount is not included into the tuition fee amount;

There are coordinators at the residence halls who help students resolve social and everyday issues.


I. Before arrival, you need to inform the following persons of the arrival by sending an email and a soft copy of your ticket to: Tvbutova@fa.ruSlmorokhina@fa.ruEapopova@fa.ru​​​​​​, YIIlina@fa.ru​. We recommend arriving on a weekday;

II. Inform the above persons of your need of a volunteer's assistance by sending an e-mail to their addresses;

III. The following documents are to be submitted by the applicant to the Dean's Office:   

  1. Passport (the original and the translation into Russian certified by a notary public); 
  2. Original document certifying prior training and its translation into the Russian language certified by a notary public (officially recognized by the relevant authorities (as appropriate));  
  3. 8 color photographs (3 x 4 cm.) on matte paper; 
  4. The following medical certificates should be translated into Russian: 
    • HIV RW, HBC, HCV, malaria certificate;
    • Vaccination certificate;
    • Infectious disease certificate;
    • Certificate issued by an X-ray specialist;
    • Certificate issued by a dermatologist;
    • Certificate of absence of helminth eggs;
    • Infectionist's certificate;
    • Medical certificate (form 086/u) (can be obtained upon arrival to Moscow) stating the results of examination by GP, surgeon, neurologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, blood and urine analysis results.

All students should have proof of availability of funds that are sufficient to cover expenses associated with tuition fee payment, medical insurance purchase and accommodation at the student residence hall. 

NB. All documents incl. medical certificates should be translated into Russian. Translation of documents into the Russian language is performed at Embassies and Consulates of the Russian Federation in the country where the documents are issued or in the notary public's offices in Moscow.


The applicants who have won the school student competitions and occupied top places in student ratings have a right to become non-fee paying students of bachelor, master and postgraduate training programs and not to take entrance examinations. The tuition fee expenses will be covered from the budget funds;  

We offer comprehensive orientation programs and organize research events, cultural programs, visits to Moscow museums, theaters, exhibitions and tours of the city.  For more information on this, please go to: http://www.fa.ru/org/faculty/podfac/News/Forms/AllPages.aspx ;

Students are accommodated on campus in the student residence halls. We have learning facilities, dean's office, dining halls, a sports and recreation center, Visa Department and a medical center on campus. 


The Faculty Dean's Office staff members and students can use the Faculty Facebook account throughout the academic year. If you want to become registered at our official page, please go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/724377774381564/​ or https://www.facebook.com/groups/511205779451874/ ​

The Faculty staff members update the information posted on the page regularly and post the Faculty news. All the registered page users can get relevant pre-arrival and other information throughout the period of study.