The Department of HR Management and Psychology

The Department is a degree-awarding department.

It has the following programs on offer:

  • Bachelor degree program in HR Management (mode: face-to-face and off-site); 
  • Master program in Management with the concentration in Corporate HR Management (mode: face-to-face). 

There are 26 instructors at the Department. The majority (92%) of the instructors are the PhD degree holders or doctoral degree holders, associate professors and professors. All the instructors are highly-qualified experts who have work experience in the field, which allows them to be in line with modern trends in human resource management when teaching.

The Department teaching staff trains a new generation of highly-qualified graduates who meet all the modern labor market requirements.

Professional competencies obtained during the period of study allow the graduates to apply to HR positions in companies of all economic sectors.  

History of the Department

The Department was opened on 1 July 2015 during the Financial University reorganization period. It was formed as a result of a merger of the Department of HR Management and the Department of Applied Psychology (order No. 0865/о of 17 April 2015).

The Department of HR Management was established in January 2013 when a few economist-training universities merged with the Financial University (Order No.677-r of the Government of the Russian Federation of 2 May 2012).

The Department of Applied Psychology was established in 2007. It was opened when the leading Russian and world economists considered a human being to be a significant corporate capital along with material and financial resources.

The Department of HR Management and Psychology keeps the Financial University traditions of academic excellence and quality of provision.

Teaching and learning

Bachelor degree programs 

The Faculty of Management offers the bachelor degree program in HR Management in face-to-face mode, and the Institute of Correspondence Studies and Open Education offers the same program in off-site mode.

Well-trained and carefully selected employees are the key to the company success and prosperity.   To form an efficient team that can achieve goals set by the company and fully use its creative potential is a complex task that needs to be performed carefully.

Within the bachelor degree program in HR Management, we train bachelors who are able to correctly use the corporate human capital by taking the employees' experience, talents and work satisfaction into account. The use of various HR management technologies, modern personnel management models and incentive systems, building a good psychological climate and corporate culture are an integral part of the art of management.

Master degree programs 

Master program in Management with the concentration in Corporate HR Management (mode: face-to-face) 

Olga Osipova, Doctor of Social Sciences, Associate Professor is the Program Director.

The master program in Corporate HR Management is a program based on a new generation of educational standards developed by the Financial University and approved in Order No. 2571/o of 30 December 2014).

The program is aimed at developing the key professional competencies related to the development and use of corporate human resource management strategy, the distribution of functions and responsibilities based on the HR management process and system, the use of modern HR technologies in the field of labor incentives and motivation, HR social development, and standardization of labor relationships and HR documentation.

Interactive technologies and e-learning technologies are widely used in the process of teaching the mandatory disciplines. They include business games, case studies, computer-based testing, electronic educational resources, etc.   

Teaching and teaching methodology development

The Department is engaged in teaching and methodology development. The Department staff developed the course content of the core disciplines and non-core disciplines of the bachelor and master programs. They developed presentations of the electives. 

The Department staff accumulates the teaching materials developed at the Department. A library containing lectures of the Department instructors is to be constructed. The instructors regularly participate in the peer review sessions in order to improve quality of provision and exchange their teaching experience.  The course content and final graduation paper requirements are regularly updated and the modern life requirements and business companies' and government institutions' requirements are taken into account. The Department teaching staff pays much attention to arranging independent student work in various formats: research work summaries, reports, presentations, research work competitions. A library of test assignments is formed at the Department in order to give the students an opportunity to undergo tests independently.  

The Department has the following key goals in the field of teaching and teaching methodology development:

• To introduce innovative learning technologies into the teaching process;   

• To intensify the student independent work;

• To develop new learning materials and tests for the bachelor program students;

• To develop new master programs and master program teaching methodology. 

Attitude development  

When conducting classes, round table discussion sessions, meetings, and when participating in student projects, the Department teaching staff form the students' proactive civic stance, encourage patriotic attitudes and responsibility for the managerial decisions made.

Throughout the academic year, in and out of class, the teaching staff members discuss the rules of behavior in education institutions and in various other institutions, the rules of interaction with people in various life situations and the culture of relationships between people with students. 


The Department of HR Management and Psychology is the recognized leader in university training of experts in HR management. It is a steadily growing Financial University research and teaching department. It conducts theoretical and applied research. The Department conducts research into corporate governance in the real, financial and banking sector. It is a major field of research for the Financial University employees. 

 The research work in this field is aimed at the following: 

  • To further explore research areas within the field of HR management and economic psychology;
  • To examine the capabilities and potential of the future experts in HR management and finance;
  • To accumulate and itemize the best practices gained in reforming and developing HR management in Russia and abroad;
  • To develop new recommendations in HR management for companies of various types;
  • To develop new and update the available bachelor and master programs  while taking into account the best practices gained in human resources management;
  • To arrange advanced training of executives and HR management experts using innovative program curricula;
  • To utilize discoveries in the field of psychology when solving practical problems and to introduce the best practices gained into the learning process.

The Department research work key goal in 2017 is to conduct fundamental and applied research in the field of innovation technology use in psychology and HR management.

The main research work objectives in 2017 are the following:  

1. To develop a scientific classification of social and psychological factors contributing to sustainable social and economic development.

2. To develop methodological recommendations on developing the future HR management and financial experts' potential as a factor contributing to sustainable social and economic development.

3. To develop methodological recommendations on HR management system improvement in the current Russian economy development period.

The Department staff teaching members conduct research into HR management in the period of global change and the social and psychological factors contributing to sustainable social and economic development.   

Contact information 

Department HR Management and Psychology 

Address: Moscow, Ulitsa Verkhnyaya Maslovka, 15, room 308

Tel.: 8(495)249-51-69, 8(495)249-51-70