Visit of the Republic of Tajikistan Ambassador

Mr. Imomuddin Sattorov, the Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan, visited the Financial University by the invitation of its Rector,  the professor Mikhail Eskindarov.

Mr. Ambassador and Mikhail Eskindarov held a business meeting and discussed the issues of the academic, scientific and business cooperation between Russia and Tajikistan in view of interstate agreements concluded among our countries.

Tajikistan is a strategic partner and ally of Russia in Central Asia region. Russian and Tajik relations are subject to intensive and trust-based political dialogue, based on friendly and progressive terms in different domains. 

Traditionally, students from Tajikistan take up a large slice of the Financial University international community. Today, there are more than 100 Tajik citizens in the university, and many of them are very successful in their studies and scientific work. They contribute significantly to the University public and cultural life.

Mr. Ambassador and Alexander Linnikov, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, met with Tajik students of the Financial University. Mr. Imomuddin Sattorov told young fellows about Russian and Tajik relations, future development and underlined the Financial University important part in the training of highly skilled financial, banking and executive workers for Central Asian Republic. The Ambassador warned the first-year students of all challenges and the dangers in our world ​