​​Oxford Economics Company

Corinna Hoyer, Managing Director, Europe (Oxford Economics Company) visited the Financial University on 7 June 2019. The meeting was organized by the Financial University Library and Information Center and Mir Periodiki company. 

The following persons took part in the negotiations:  

  • Corinna Hoyer, Managing Director, Europe (Oxford Economics);
  • Olga Timofeeva, Commercial Director, Mir Periodiki company;
  • Tatyana Korchagina, Director of the Financial University Library and Information Center;  
  • Denis Petelin-Artsibashev, Deputy Head of the International Student and Visiting Professor Department;
  • Diana Yermilova, Deputy Director of the Financial University Library and Information Center. 

During the meeting, the parties discussed the Financial University and Oxford Economics cooperation opportunities. Corinna Hoyer spoke about her company operations, its electronic resources and services. 

​The company key area of operations is global forecasting and quantitative analysis of the world economy, finan​ce, international trade and regional development. The subscribers who use the Oxford Economics electronic resources and services are transnational corporations, financial institutions, government institutions and universities located in different countries. 

​​Corinna Hoyer presented a research methodology based on the use of Global Economic Model, an integrated global economic development model. The global economic model replicates the global economy, accumulating data from 80 countries, 6 regions and the Eurozone. It operates with a 5, 10 and 25 year forecasting horizon. A series of sectoral, sub-regional and urban economics models based on the Global Economic Model are built.

The parties agreed to hold a presentation of Oxford Economics resources and services for our university representatives. Provisional access will be provided to the resources and services. Further details will be announced at a later date. 

A tour of the Financial University Museum of Finance was organized for the Financial University guests. The tour was organized by Natalia Chirkova, Chief Curator. A tour of the Library and Information Center was organized by Tatyana Korchagina, Director of the Center.