Following the instructions of Professor M.A. Eskindarov, Rector of the Financial University, A. S. Linnikov,  Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, went on business trip to the Republic of Vietnam. The First Russian and Vietnamese Universities' Rectors' Forum held at the University of Economics and National Economy in Hanoi was attended by rectors and vice-rectors of 29 Russian and 35 Vietnamese universities. 

The Financial University has become the leader in quantity and quality of agreements concluded with the Vietnamese partners within the framework of the Forum. An agreement was signed with the National Economics University of Vietnam, the University for Peace, and the Banking Academy under the National Bank of Vietnam. A trilateral agreement was signed with the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and the Hanoi Branch of the Pushkin Russian Language Institute. It is a joint project of opening a Financial University Center for the Russian Language Studies. This breakthrough event was extensively covered by the Vietnamese and Russian media. 

During the visit, the Financial University representatives made a presentation at the University for Peace where training opportunities available in Russia were described. It was attended by over two hundred students. 

An important element of the agenda was the long-awaited meeting in Hanoi with numerous Vietnamese Financial University graduates. Many of them were rather successful in their careers in Vietnam.  Suffice it to say that two Vietnamese Ministers of Finance, two Deputy Ministers of Finance, Deputy Ministers of Trade and Industry, one Chairman and one acting Chairman of the National Bank of Vietnam graduated from the Financial University. The Republic of Vietnam is our friend or many years and a long-standing partner. We would like to thank Ms. Nguyễn Thị Thứ Dat, Director of the Branch of the Pushkin Russian Language Institute in Hanoi, and Professor Hung, Rector of the University for Peace, for solidarity and support of our projects.​