A ceremonial meeting of graduates of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation was held on 26 April 2019 in the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Ulan Bator.

It was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the University. The meeting was organized by the Financial University, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Mongolia, and the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Ulan Bator. The Financial University organized such an event abroad for the first time. This was a historic event that was undoubtedly unique. It generated great interest of the Mongolian graduates, general public, and the leading Mongolian media. The event was covered in detail in the evening news programs on the TELEVISION 1 TV channel of the Mongolian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (MNB).

Today, more than 180 Financial University graduates live in Mongolia. The majority of them make a significant contribution to the development of partner relations with Russia. Distinguished economists, bankers, auditors, civil servants, and heads of major financial and industrial companies are among the University graduates.  At the gala evening in the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Ulan Bator, more than 100 people gathered who had graduated from the Financial University since 1980. In his video address, M. A. Eskindarov, the University rector, cordially greeted the graduates, and thanked them for the warmth with which they recalled the years spent in the Alma mater. Then, Maxim Kotelnikov, the Financial University Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Maxim Vasilyev, Trade Representative of the Russian Federation, Ms. Tsogzolmaa Dorzhpalam, Vice-President of the Mongolian Association of Graduates of Soviet and Russian Education Institutions,  Tatyana Budaeva, Deputy Head of the Representative Office of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation in Mongolia, made their ceremonial addresses.

The speakers mentioned the excellent training of the Financial University graduates. It helped many of them become prominent Mongolian economists, public and political figures. The University teaching staff members were sincerely thanked.  During the event, the meeting participants agreed to open the Mongolian Association of the Financial University Graduates. They suggested that it be headed by Mr. Sukh-Erdene, a famous Mongolian banker, who graduated in 1980.  According to the guests of the evening, the goal of such an association is to provoke interest in obtaining a degree in Russia, in particular, at the Financial University, in Mongolian young people. 

After the gala concert, a buffet reception was held where the Financial University graduates had an opportunity to communicate in an informal environment.

Ulan Bator