Dear Students, Faculty, and Members of Staff of the Financial University!

Dear Friends!

Glorious history of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation – one of the leading educational institutions of present-day Russia – started exactly one hundred years ago, in the first month of spring of 1919, from a small and narrowly specialized institute located in Moscow at 12, Tversky Boulevard.

An anniversary, especially such a significant one, is a good occasion to draw intermediate conclusions and set new goals and objectives for the future to carry on with efficient work and sustainable development.  Beyond any doubt, the values that we hold in our hearts constitute a solid basis for gradual progress.  These values are the love to our Motherland, deep sense of duty, honesty, striving for new knowledge, and mutual respect.

The history of our Country, development of its economy, growth of its credit and financial system have defined the Path of the Financial University.  However, the history of the Financial University is not just a chronology of government decrees, reforms carried out, and agreements signed.  Most importantly, it is the history of people who had excelled in work and studies, who have built brilliant careers and made significant contributions to the development of our State, thanks to the great education provided by the Financial University.  Talented, creative, and, in many ways, extraordinary – so were at all times and so remain the professors and students of the Financial University.  The best of the best! Each and every one of them fulfills his or her own destiny but the University has become a key turning point for all of them – it has set their directions in life, made it possible to find lifelong friends, and, for some people, created an opportunity to meet their Love and build families. 

On the days of celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Financial University, as the most sincere feeling of gratitude to the Alma Mater fills the hearts of graduates of all generations, we, of course, remember the names of those who stood at the very origins of the University, those who through hard work have created a firm basis for the transformation of a small institution with exclusive specialization into a giant educational and research complex, widely known and recognized in Russia and far beyond.  Today we are rightfully proud of our vast history of success and accomplishment, we honor our traditions, and confidently look into the future. 

Dear Colleagues!  Dear Friends!  On this memorable day of the 100th Anniversary of the Financial University, please accept my best wishes of strong health, success, wellbeing, new discoveries, great achievements, and professional victories!

Glory and prosperity to our beloved Alma Mater!


Prof. Mikhail Eskindarov

Rector of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation