The Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation is one of the oldest Russian higher education institutions where financial experts, financial law experts, economists, IT experts, mathematicians, sociologists, political scientists and other experts are trained.  

The Financial University has issued diplomas to the future members of the Government of the USSR and Russia, Ministry of Finance of the USSR and Russia, members of Boards of various banks, State Duma Deputies, renowned policy makers and public figures in its 100-year history. The Financial University is increasing the number of programs of study on offer. First of all, we speak about our bachelor degree programs with 37 concentrations and master degree programs with more than 60 concentrations, numerous post-secondary training programs, and 35 professional development programs, incl. МВА programs and advanced training programs.

The Financial University has implemented and is improving the training scheme based upon availability of various learning paths in and modes of continuous education. The system includes post-secondary training programs, as well as bachelor, master and specialist degree programs.

The University was one of the first Russian universities to open a registered endowment fund.

The University has developed and offered an innovative program of study entitled Development of Innovative Education System for Training Financial Experts/Leaders of the Competitive Economy. The program has become an important incentive for the University further development. The University proactively uses the new learning technologies and introduces the individual student learning paths into the teaching process using a competences-based approach to training. More than a hundred undergraduate and postgraduate student research events have been held on the Financial University premises recently.  Undergraduate and postgraduate Financial University students participated in the research events held outside the Financial University premises, in other Moscow universities and in other Russian cities' universities. The University cooperates fruitfully with the major event co-organizers. The list of co-organizers includes, among other organizations, the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow Student Center, Education Public Policy Department, and Youth and Children Upbringing Policy Department of the Ministry of Education and Science, Federal Youth Agency of the Russian Federation. The Financial University obtained diplomas and letters of commendation from the Federal Youth Agency of the Russian Federation.  The Financial University develops international cooperation. It holds international research conferences, symposia, seminars, roundtables discussion sessions on its premises. Its representatives participate in international research conferences, congresses, symposia, seminars abroad. The University develops and implements joint research projects, youth international projects and trains international students who then offer their services in their countries. The number of international students at the University has increased significantly recently. As at early 2015, there were 1,137 international students at the University from 45 countries of the world.  Over the past 5 years, 160 international teaching and expert community members participated in internship programs at the University.  

The Financial University is doing its best to improve quality of training, to achieve all the goals set and to implement all the projects that are on the agenda because leadership is our middle name.

We can overcome barriers, solve the most complex problems in the most complex environment and achieve excellent results.  

Congratulations to all on the upcoming 100th anniversary of the University that we all love.