The students of the Ground Training Department celebrated the New Year's Eve on 21 December.

They had a chance to learn about the Russian New Year's Day celebration traditions. Before the event, the staff of the Ground Training Department organized an exhibition of international students' creative works titled The Russian New Year's Day Traditions: Paper Snowflakes. The formal part of the event began from an addresses made by Andrei Rementsov, Deputy Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, and Anatoly Kislyakov, Head of the International Student and Visiting Professor Department. They wished the students success in their studies during the year 2019.

Maria Yelesina, Deputy Dean for Educational Work of the Ground Training Department, handed over the certificates to the students who were the most diligent learners and participated in the conferences dedicated to the FinU upcoming 100th anniversary. This was not the only ceremonial address. Nina Kozlovsteva, instructor of the Department of Language Training, greeted the students on behalf of the Russian language instructors. She thanked the students for their diligence and hard work and wished them to discover and love the country and to learn well the language that is so complex and so interesting to learn. Then there was a celebratory program. It was prepared by the student groups' coordinators and the students of the Ground Training Department. At first, the students from China, Mongolia, Salvador, Gabon and Serbia spoke about their national traditions of the New Year's Day celebration and the key figures of the festivities. Gai Xianghe, a student from China, came to greet the students wearing the costume of the Russian Father Frost. All students were glad to participate in the merry quiz and learn more about the Russian New Year's Day celebration traditions.

Then the students were greeted by the FinU volunteers. They set the funny riddles about the New Year for the students to solve and arranged a thematic game titled The Crocodile.  At the end of the event, all the students, instructors and Dean's Office staff, Father Frost and the Snow Maiden took part in the traditional Department photo shooting session. We would like to specially thank the international students who were proactive in arranging the event. They are: Ariuntungalag Balzhinnyam (Mongolia), Gai Xianghe and Xu Lingping (China), Natalia Radivojević (Serbia), Ruth Michelle Revier (Gabon), Bulgan-Erdene Otgonzhargal (Mongolia), Ilda Eunice Bolaños Arce (Salvador).  We hope the students will remember this event for long time!





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