One of the most significant events of the final day of the Fifth International Financial University Economic Forum was a lecture delivered by Guillermo Rocafort, Professor of Economics and Law of the University of Europe (Madrid). The lecture theme was Examples of the Regional Economic Disengagement: the Experience Gained by the Latin American Countries (1818-1826). The presentation was organized by the International Relations Office.   Professor Rocafort is a unique world-famous expert in the international economics and finance. He examines the impact made by the financial organizations on the world history, the participation of financial and industrial groups in the disintegration of states and the process of changing the unwanted regimes. At the end of the lecture, Professor Rocafort presented his new book to the Financial University students and teaching staff members. It is titled Malas prácticas de los fondos buitre en España (Malpractices of the Financial Predators in Spain).  It describes in detail the impact made by the financial and banking institutions on the Spanish internal and foreign policy.   Professor Rocafort signed several copies of the book he presented to people in the audience. The Financial University library obtained one copy too.

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