Master Degree Programme 2019/2020 academic year

DisciplineSemester (Fall/Summer)

Credits (ECTS)

Total hoursHours in class Exam
Professional Business Ethics F414440+
Development EconomicsF310854+
International BankingF414440+
International Corporate and Business LawF310832+
International Financial ManagementF310830+
Management Accounting (an advanced course)  F310830+
International Taxation F310840+
International Financial MarketsF310840+
International Financial AnalysisF310840+
International Portfolio Investment F310840+

Information Trade Systems in International Business

Cross-border Capital Movement in the World Financial MarketF310830-
Financial ReportingF-S414464+
Financial and Monetary Methods of Economy RegulationS621662+
Econometric ResearchS414432+
Mathematical Support for Financial Decision-Making ProcessS414440+

International Audit

Risk-management, financial derivativesS310840-
International FinanceF-S518064+
International Financial Risk ManagementS310840+
Innovative Technologies and New Products in International BankingF-S518064+
International Financial Consulting Principles and TechniquesF310840-
World Precious Metals Market Trends and Development IssuesF310840-
Multilateral Trade Negotiations (a practical course)S310840-
Information Trade System in International BusinessS310840-
Lending and Project Financing in International BusinessS310840-
​Theory and Practice of International and Regional Financial Integration Associations’ Operations​F​3108​​+
​Practice of Information and Trading Systems Use in International Business​F​3​108​+
​Corporate Finance​F​4​144​+
​Global Commodity Market Pricing​F​3​108​+
​Modern Financial Markets​S​3​108​+