Foreign and Visiting Professors

The Financial University implements projects that are aimed at improving the international University reputation, promoting the unique overseas educational programs and contributing to graduates employability improvement in Russia and abroad. Overseas expert hiring programs are among such projects.  

An overseas expert is a national of a foreign state who is invited to the Financial University to teach and/or do the research and enters the territory of the Russian Federation.    

An invited overseas expert eligibility criteria 

  • A good reputation earned by the expert in the international academic community;
  • Association of the invited expert with an overseas institution building a partnership or having prospects for building a mutually beneficial partnership with the Financial University;
  • Engagement of the invited expert in the Financial University corporate professional development programs;
  • Engagement in various co-financed Financial University projects, including grant projects;
  • Past visits of the expert to the Financial University produced good results.   

The Visiting Professor Program

The Visiting Professor Program is aimed at employing overseas experts who have a good reputation in the researcher community on a temporary basis.​

One of the key goals of the program is to give the expert an opportunity to share his/her research experience with the Financial University representatives. Therefore, as a rule, we expect the invited experts to do the following:     

  • Deliver lectures and conduct seminars in line with his/her research interests;    
  • Implement joint research projects in cooperation with the hosting institution; 
  • Participate in the discussion of the research findings produced by the hosting institution's representatives.   

An overseas researcher or instructor who works full-time at the Financial University

Overseas researchers and/or instructors are invited to work full-time as a researchers and/or instructor at the Financial University while being on the payroll at the Financial University.  

A highly-qualified overseas expert is a national of a foreign state who works as a scholar or instructor, has relevant experience, skills and achievements in the field of research or teaching, who is invited to the Financial University to do the research and/or teach and receives a salary (remuneration) in the amount prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation for this category of employees.

If you are interested in joining us, do not hesitate to let us know! Please snd your detailed CV to the following e-mail address ( and we will reply on your inquiry as soon as possible. We would be glad to welcome you in Moscow and share our experinece and inspiration!