Erasmus+ Jean Monnet

A Financial University Faculty Got Grant Funds via the Jean Monnet Program  

The Faculty of Sociology and Political Science participated in a project competition launched through the Jean Monnet Program and obtained grant funds that should be used to develop a curriculum for the New Europe and the New World Order program that is to be included into the University curriculum.

Jean Monnet Project aims at expanding knowledge about the European integration processes through teaching, research and debate on topics related to history, politics, economics and the law of the European Union countries and the EU countries' relations with other regions of the world. The key program objective is to bring the European dimension to the higher education systems. An inter-departmental English-language New Europe and the New World Order program curriculum will be developed within the framework of a subprogram that is part of the Jean Monnet Modules project. The program workload will be approximately 40 academic hours.

The European Commission has allocated 20,000 euros for a period of 3 years for the Jean Monnet Module program development.

A Financial University Faculty Became Partner within the Jean Monnet Information Project 

The Faculty of Sociology and Political Science became partner of the project titled 'Transformation of Party and Political Landscape in the EU Countries during the Post-Crisis Period' within the Jean Monnet Information Project.   

This project is aimed at fostering joint research and examining party and political systems in the European Union countries and Russia during five conferences to be held in four countries of the European Union and Russia. The leading experts who will participate in the conferences will examine the status quo in the party and political systems of those countries and identify the key trends related to their transformation in the foreseeable future.   

The project will involve experts from the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia), the Financial University under the Government the Russian Federation (Russia), London Metropolitan University (UK), Slavic Foundation (Bulgaria), the University of Passau (Germany) and the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies (Poland). They will take part in five conferences to be held in all of the above countries from September 2015 to December 2016.     

It is expected that the host country experts, professors, political party members, media and civil society representatives and 5 or 6 other countries' representatives will participate in the work of each of these conferences, discuss modern trends in reforming party and political systems of the EU countries and Russia and identify the reasons for those changes. Different countries' representatives will have an opportunity to discuss the reasons for the emergence of the phenomena in question and the key development trends. 

At the final conference to be held in Russia in late 2016, the participants will make a summary of achievements made during the preceding conferences. The conference proceedings will be published as a monograph in Russian and English languages. The publication will be distributed among the representatives of government institutions, political parties, non-governmental organizations and universities in the relevant countries.   

It is planned that the organizations that participate in the project will form a research network to conduct research and monitor the EU and Russia party and political system transformation processes.  

The European Commission has allocated 60,000 euros for a period of 18 months. The funds will cover all expenses related to the project activities.

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