Erasmus +

Erasmus+ Program Training and Internships 

Student Credit Mobility and Staff Mobility program financed by the European Commission provides a wide range of academic mobility opportunities to undergraduate and postgraduate students, teaching staff and other university staff around the world. Academic mobility programs are implemented within the framework of bilateral agreements concluded by the universities located in 28 EU countries and universities from partner countries, incl. Russia.         

The Financial University interacts with the following EU countries' universities ​within the framework of the Erasmus+ Program:   

• University of Cádiz (Spain)

• Complutense University of Madrid (Spain)

• University of Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein)

• Wrocław University of Economics (Poland)

• Warsaw School of Economics (Poland)

• University of Vienna (Austria)

Types of academic mobility programs  

Student credit mobility  

•          Undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply;

•          Period: 3 - 12 months.

Teaching staff mobility and internships

•          Teaching staff and other university staff can apply.

•          Period: 5 days to 2 months.

Participant selection criteria

•          Relevance of the participant background to the program details chosen; 

•          Academic performance (undergraduate students);

•          Research and methodological work plan (postgraduate students and teaching staff);

•          Foreign language skills (in line with the program requirements): as a rule, at least В1 level.

•          Academic experience and achievements. 

Program and internships periods 

•          Fall semester:  September/October - January

•          Spring semester: February - July

•          Summer semester: April - August


Program participants do not have to pay their tuition fees. Program participant obtain a scholarship that covers their transportation, visa, medical insurance policy and accommodation expenses.  

•          Undergraduate and postgraduate students obtain 750 - 850 euros a month and have their transportation expenses covered. 

•          Teaching staff and researchers obtain 100 - 160 euros a month and have their transportation expenses covered. 

Deadlines for submission of applications for scholarships vary and depend on the program.