International Competition of the Financial University

About the Financial University Youth International Competition 



Dear friends,

The Financial University Youth International Competition (formerly known as the Overseas High School Graduate International Competition) will be held for the 5th time in 2019/2020​ academic year. 

The key Competition goals are the following: 

• To attract well-trained secondary schools' graduates from different countries; 

• To inform, attract talents, to assist in professional development, and to provide the young people an opportunity to study at a higher education institution in Russia, incl. with the tuition expenses covered from the federal budget funds;  

•To ensure openness, transparency and integrity in the decision-making process. 

Who is eligible to take part?

Foreign nationals and stateless persons, including the Russian nationals residing abroad who study at secondary schools and graduates of the overseas secondary education institutions are invited to take part. The decision as to whether or not to take part is voluntary. Participation is free of charge. 

Areas and specialisms

Pre-bachelor training

Field of specialism Programs and concentrations
Economics and Information Technology 
(Mathematics (in English or in Russian); Russian Language)  

38.03.01 Economics (all bachelor degree program concentrations, except International Finance)  
38.03.02 Management

38.03.03 Personnel Management

38.03.04 Public Administration and Municipal Management  

38.03.05 Business Informatics 
01.03.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science   
09.03.03 Applied Computer Science 

10.03.01 Information Security 

International Economics 
(Mathematics (in English or in Russian); English Language)
38.03.01 Economics (program concentration: International Finance)  
(History (in English or in Russian); Russian Language)
41.03.04 Political Science
43.03.02 Tourism
Social Studies (Social Studies (in English or in Russian); Russian Language)

39.03.01 Sociology

40.03.01 Law

42.03.01 Advertising and Public Relations   

 Pre-master training

Field of specialism Programs and concentrations
Economics and Management 
(Economic Theory, Russian Language)​​


38.04.01 Economics

38.04.02 Management

38.04.04 Public Administration and Municipal Management  

38.04.05 Business Informatics 

38.04.08 Finance and Lending

38.04.09 Public Audit

38.04.03 Personnel Management

43.04.02 Tourism

International Economics 
(Economic Theory(in English or in Russian); English Language)
38.04.01 Economics  (program concentration: International Finance)  
Information Technology 
(Mathematics and Computer Science, Russian Language)​

01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Computer Science   

09.04.03 Applied Computer Science 

10.04.01 Information Security 

(General Sociology, Russian Language)


39.04.01 Sociology   ​

(Law, Russian Language)​

​40.04.01 Law​​

​​Politica​l sciences  
(Theoretical Foundations of Politics, Russian Language)​​​

40.04.04 Political Science


Why take part?

The competition winner will have a right to be enrolled to the Financial University bachelor programs in disciplines relevant to the competition area pursuant to a resolution of the University Academic Council. Foreign nationals are enrolled in accordance with the number of student places available within the quota established by the Russian Government for the students who wish their tuition expenses to be covered from the federal budget funds. 

The runners-up/other awardees are eligible to get a 50% discount of the tuition fee due to be paid during the entire period of study if they pass the entrance examinations and get approval of the Academic Council members, provided that they are enrolled to the bachelor degree programs relevant to the competition area and plan to occupy the fee-paying student places. 

This is what our students who have taken part in the Competition say:

image003.png The Competition is a great chance to test your abilities, and demonstrate the level of your knowledge. For me, the competitions have always been very important as they gave me an incentive to achieve new goals and solve important problems. After all, one thing is to compete with your classmates and see that you are the most intelligent and the best in your class at school, and quite another thing is to demonstrate your capabilities and compete with the students who are the smartest and the best in their classes at school.  When getting prepared for taking part in the competitions, we significantly expand our horizons, and improve our knowledge of the subjects. The knowledge that I have acquired during the period of preparation for the competition helped me make my biggest dream come true. I became enrolled to the Financial University. Moreover, each time I take part in a competition, I become bolder, more confident in what I know.
image005.png I have been interested in taking part in the Competition as the winners have a chance to become enrolled to the Financial University and do not have to take entrance examinations. When I learnt about the Competition, I thought the Financial University could become my prospective place of study. The Competition helped me assess my knowledge and became an incentive for me to learn more about the University.

The Competition included nonstandard assignments that were a very interesting thing to do. When I was doing them, I learnt a lot about something new. The Competition helped me identify the areas for improvement and helped me understand which topics deserved my attention during the prospective period of study. I think enough time was given to us so that we could do the assignments and check everything before leaving. I am very glad that the University gives the applicants an opportunity to assess their knowledge and put their best foot forward.

image009.png Foreign nationals who apply to become enrolled to the Financial University have to win in the Financial University Russian Language and Mathematics online competition. It was a great opportunity for the applicants to assess their knowledge and identify the areas for improvement. This Competition helped me become a Financial University student. I wish you success in getting a student place.