Education and training ​

High quality of provision is ensured through the use of the best traditions combined with innovative approaches of practitioners and modern learning technologies, incl. open lectures, joint research work, master classes, trainings, 'tourist's breakfast' program of meetings, field classes and business games. The courses of foreign language are linked to the tourism and sports sector-related topics. Lectures, seminars, roundtable discussion sessions, conferences are held using multimedia devices. Seminars on tourism and sports, as a rule, consist of a dialogue between students, instructors and invited practitioners. When teaching the program in Tourism, integrated learning technology is widely used that includes learning without learning. During many study visits, students study geography and history, tourist resources and recreational design, travel photography and tour services. A similar methodology is used when teaching Management in Sports. Students study in classrooms from Monday to Thursday. Friday is the day of practicals, field classes, visits to exhibitions, sports events, and culture events. On this day, one-day and longer student trips to the near Moscow Region and other regions of the country are arranged. Once a week, in the morning, within the framework of the 'tourist's breakfast' program, students meet with a famous practitioner operating on the tourism sector services market who tells them about his/her career in the industry and shares the secrets of success with them. The Dean's Office is planning to arrange a similar program for the students majoring in Management in Sports. The University has the physical infrastructure that is necessary for creating a good learning environment. There are regular study and computer classes, a media library equipped in line with the best international standards, a sports facility, a swimming pool, and a cultural center. Field classes are arranged at the Financial University Lesnoye Ozero (Forest Lake) vacation hotel.

Degree awarding department  

The Department of Management is the degree awarding department. 

Practical training and employment 

During the annual practical training, on-the-job training and pre-graduation training period, students of the Faculty work in organizations operating in the tourism, sports and hospitality business sector. More than 50 cooperation agreements have been concluded with such organizations. The most talented and hardworking students can become employed by these companies upon graduation. Students have an opportunity to travel abroad to undergo training during the practical training period. They can acquire professional skills and have a rest at the resort. Student exchange and double degree program agreements have been concluded with some overseas universities. The list of such universities is constantly expanding.