About the Faculty

The Faculty of International Tourism, Sport Business and Hospitality Industry was opened due to the demand of the Russian economy and the community at large for professionals capable of meeting the challenges of the comprehensive hospitality, tourism sector and sports industry development. We are not training travel agency and sports sector company managers. Our goal is more ambitious and important. We are going to train a kind of 'business giants', that is, highly-qualified professional managers who have integrated development expertise and who can improve the tourism sector, sports and hospitality industry efficiency. Our graduates will always be in demand as they are the professionals who have a deep knowledge and understanding of social, cultural and human factors, their direct impact on the economy of the sector and investment project efficiency, have the ability to build efficient communications and resolve conflict with stakeholders.


Ten reasons why you should choose the Faculty of International Tourism, Sport Business and Hospitality Industry 

  1. The Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation is one of the best universities in our country. The partners of the University are the Ministries and departments of the Government of the Russian Federation. The Federal Agency for Tourism is one of the Faculty partners. In addition, we cooperate with regional and overseas tourist administrations. If you want to become a Russian tourism sector professional or become engaged in promoting our country's tourism sector abroad and learn about the sector regulatory issues, the Faculty is the best place for you.  
  2. Our University is an economist-training university. At the same time, we train experts in finance, the most important component of any economy, and free time experts, given that leisure is quite valuable for each individual. We do not train travel agency managers. Our goal is to train economists and financial experts who understand the tourism and sports sector economy and who can work for companies operating in the industry, deal with tourism and sports clusters at the city, regional and national level.
  3. Do you love to travel? Then the Faculty is the right place for you. Our Faculty staff and students are the most proactive travelers in the University. Yet, for us, every trip is not entertainment. They are part of the learning process. During our trips, we learn more in practice about geography and history, country studies and regional studies, tourist resources and recreational design, as well as travel photography, foreign languages and world religions. Our goal is to ensure that upon completing the course, you could proudly say that you have visited the major part of the Russian regions.
  4. Do you like sports? Are you interested in arranging sports events, the sports clubs economy, sports clusters' building? Then the Faculty is the right place for you. We are going to start training sports industry managers this year, and the sports industry is very closely connected with tourism sector.
  5. Here you could have a challenging learning experience. We study in classrooms, cafes, museums, in a bus, the media library and we have field classes, too. We study sports, tourism, marketing, IT, law, we can talk about tourism and sports using two foreign languages, and some use three. We regularly get acquainted with interesting people. Moreover, those people are interested in meeting us, too. We participate in research conferences, forums, tourist and sports exhibitions, festivals, competitions and ceremonies. We do not have a free minute as we devote every free minute of our time to the business we love.
  6. Our instructors are true professionals. The instructors of the degree-awarding Department of Management have perfect knowledge of their subjects. Many of them are engaged in developing federal and regional projects, and we are glad to help them in this. We study not just the theory and the practice of tourism and sports industry, we learn by contacting our famous guests who share their experience and their views of the processes going on in our country and abroad with us. We meet them in the classroom, during our trips, at forums and exhibitions. Besides, we can contact them through the Vkontakte Russian social media or by using other social media. We know what is of interest to them and they know what is of interest to us.
  7. We have a convenient location and well-developed infrastructure. Our Faculty buildings are within 10 minute ride of the center of Moscow and within 10 minute walk from the Dynamo metro station. We have excellent student residence halls, a sports facility, and provide great opportunities for being creative.
  8. Students who major in International and Domestic Tourism and Management in Sports study two foreign languages.
  9. Students have an opportunity to undergo training at the reserve officer Military Training Department. 
  10. All students who have completed a bachelor degree program have a right to continue theirs studies at the master training department. And, finally, we have a great atmosphere at our Department. We are young. Our future job is the most interesting job we can imagine. Join us!