Blockchain Laboratory

The official opening of the blockchain laboratory was held in February 2018, although already in September 2017, the Financial University was actively working in this direction. In particular, it has won and carried out the tender of the State Duma of the Russian Federation for conducting an expert-analytical study on the topic related to blockchain technology and crypto-currencies. The blockchain laboratory educated the first set of trainees from the students of Financial University. We started working on the creation of our own crypto-currency indices and launched a study of the applicability of blockchain technology in various sectors of the economy.

At the moment, the blockchain laboratory is studying cryptocurrencies in a form of a new institution: from questions of pricing to state regulation. A separate block of our activity is a study of the possibilities and effectiveness of the practical application of blockchain technology.

Activities of the blockchain lab:

- calculation of the cryptocurrency indices, in particular, current CSA17 index, which shows the trends in the whole cryptocurrency market. You can watch it weekly in the section of our news;

- the formation of investment strategies in relation to digital assets: cryptocurrencies and tokens;

- analysis of blockchain-start-ups with an assignment of rating to them, according to the laboratory's own methodology;

- constant monitoring of projects worldwide, creation of strategies for the implementation of distributed ledgers in form of an order from corporations and the organization and monitoring of promising developments in specific industries;

- development of technical tasks for the implementation of blockchain technology in corporations and start-ups. Organization of involvement for ​various development teams and support of project development under the international scientific standards;

- legal support for the activities of blockchain project, including issues of international regulation and taxation for operations with cryptocurrencies.​

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