Student research

Student research is an important component of the Faculty activities. It is aimed at developing the young professionals' creative potential. The students take part in research events annually, develop and present their research projects. They participate in such events as the Science Festival, International Student Research Conference, International Financial University Forum, Management Sciences in the Modern World Conference. The students also participate in external events at the regional, all-Russia and international level where they obtain awards for their achievements. The teaching staff members and the Student Research Society help the future professionals use their research potential.  This interaction helps the students of the Faculty of Management identify their research interests, acquire new knowledge and useful skills for building their future career. 

Student life

Gorky Park

The first-year students have a unique opportunity to get to know each other and feel the special University atmosphere during the last summer days. They feel that they have chosen the right Faculty.

First-year student team building project 

The project is held on the first Sunday of September. It is aimed at helping students acquire their teambuilding skills. They move around the campus buildings and get to know each other when performing various tasks.

Managerial 'mafia' games 

'Mafia' games are held at our Faculty every month. We invite our students to try and play the role of a 'Managerial Mafioso' and have a good time.