Volunteer students

The higher education internationalization process prioritizes international students' adaptation to   the new environment of a chosen place of study. Today, about two out of a hundred university students are international students. The majority of them are the developing countries' nationals.

Foreign nationals who come to study to Russia have to face social, cultural and psychological adaptation issues. In this regard, it is very important to engage volunteers in organizing orientation programs for the newcomers so that they could become better adapted to the learning environment, learn the basic rules of behavior, overcome the language barrier, and have a greater   sense of academic equality.   

 At the Faculty of Foundation Programs for International Students, volunteers start rendering assistance to the international students from the moment of their arrival in Russia. We organize welcoming at the airports, transfer the students to the university and organize tours of the campus. The students of the Faculty of Public Administration and Financial Control helped dozens of international students who came here to study not to get lost in a big city, get the feeling of unity and get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Russia.  

Quizzes, competitions, games, tours that help overcome the language barrier, perceive Russia as a country of friendly people welcoming nationals of all countries of the world are organized throughout the academic year. As the volunteers note, membership in the volunteers' club is an opportunity to communicate with people of different ethnicities and cultures, use the foreign language and develop a multicultural environment at the Financial University. If you want to become a volunteer at the Faculty, please send your CV to the Faculty Dean's e-mail: tvbutova@fa.ru. We are looking forward to welcoming new volunteers who would like to    welcome representatives of all countries of the world in Russia.