About the Faculty

The Faculty of Foundation Programs for International Students was opened in December 2015.  

The Faculty offers foundation programs to international students who can subsequently take courses in economics, humanities and engineering in the Russian language. 

The period of study is 1 year.  

The Russian language course workload is 960 hours.

Classrooms and facilities

The Faculty has modern classrooms with multimedia equipment, computer equipment with access to the Internet and the University virtual learning environment. The students can also benefit from our independent study rooms.

The Faculty teaching staff members have a large experience of teaching international students.  

The Faculty staff members arrange and offer orientation, social, cultural, creative ability programs as well as tours of cultural sites to the international students.  

Tuition fee: 180,000 rubles a year. 

Upon completion of the course, the students who have passed the final examinations obtain a Certificate of Pre-University Training.

Our advantages 

• The applicants who have won the school student competitions and occupied top places in student ratings have a right to become non-fee paying students of bachelor, master and postgraduate training programs and not to take entrance examinations. The tuition fee expenses will be covered from the budget funds;  

• We offer comprehensive orientation programs and organize research events, cultural programs, visits to Moscow museums, theaters, exhibitions and tours of the city.  For more information on this, please go to: http://www.fa.ru/org/faculty/podfac/News/Forms/AllPages.aspx ;

• Students are accommodated on campus in the student residence halls. We have learning facilities, dean's office, dining halls, a sports and recreation center, Visa Department and a medical center on campus.  

We have a social media account. The Faculty Dean's Office staff members and students can use the Faculty Facebook account throughout the academic year. If you want to become registered at our official page, please go to:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/724377774381564/ .  

The Faculty staff members update the information posted on the page regularly and post the Faculty news. All the registered page users can get relevant pre-arrival and other information throughout the period of study.