​The Sixth International Financial University Forum Growth or Recession: Which to Expect? (hereinafter – the “Forum") will be held in Moscow on 26-28 November, 2019.  Traditionally it is one of the key events of the fall season in the academic, business, and social life of Russia. 

The Government of Russia has set course for accelerated economic growth aimed at joining the Top Five or leading world economies.  In order to reach such an ambitious goal, Russia has mobilised all financial and other resources of the state.  However, recently various experts expressed rather conservative viewpoints, speculating over possible negative effects of the downward phase of the credit cycle, and stated that the whole world is facing a global economic recession provoked, inter alia, by the so-called trade wars and economic sanctions. 

In light of the above, is it fair to say that we should be prepared not for accelerated growth but for a lasting recession?  Did the economic agenda of Russia and other counties change in the first half of 2019 and, if so, how?  What should the government be prepared for today: economic growth or mitigation of possible crisis consequences? If, in fact, our economic growth has not accelerated and we face a significant growth rate decline, if not stagnation – is this an overly pessimistic point of view too?  At the Forum, we plan to join massive intellectual forces to seek answers to these and many other pressing questions and try to determine the government's key economic priorities for the mid-term prospective.

This year the Financial University International Forum will be held for the 6th time.  It is rightfully considered to be the venue for a free and open discussion of changes in the Russian and world economies, structural transformation of international trade, and problems of social development.   The Forum is attended by senior government officials, notable public and political figures, prominent business people, well-known researchers and members of the academic community.   It has become a tradition to open the forum with lectures of the Nobel Prize winners and 2019 will not be an exception.  Prof. Joseph Eugene Stiglitz, winner of the 2001 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, has agreed to join us as the guest of honor.  In total, we expect over 3,000 speakers and guests to attend our massive and exciting 3-day event.

The second day of the Forum will be devoted to conferences and panel discussions that will address and analyze the key issues in social and economic development of Russia and the drastic changes in the international economic environment.  The discussions will concentrate on several specific topics that give names to the relevant conferences, namely:

  • Poverty in a Wealthy State 
    How to solve the poverty problem? Poverty is not just a shame but also a barrier to economic growth.  Is the microcredit bubble about to burst?  If it does, what consequences will we face? 

  • Digital Economy: Person and Labor in New Environment
    Let's take a closer look at the labor market changes in the context of global digitalization. Which professions will disappear and which will emerge in the future? 

  • Why Does the World Economy Slow Down?
    Why do most countries' economic growth rates go down?  The world in the trade wars age: how do they impact the Russian economy and its development prospects?    

  • New Finance for the New World
    What changes occur in the world of finance? What new financial instruments emerge? What is on the horizon for the global financial system? 

  • Russian Entrepreneurs: Progress Driver or Endangered Species?
    Russian business community: what is really going on there?  Why does the number of business entities in Russia decline? Why do the young people discard the idea of joining the business community? What should we do to make business an important economic sector again?      

  • Keys to Technological Leadership
    Which industries could lead the technological leap? We will focus on the Financial University's experience of cooperation with the nuclear energy sector.  

  • Is This the End of Liberalism? 
    Liberalism: is it fair to say that the concept has run out of steam? If so, what will replace it? Which ideas will explain the ways of the state and society development in the future? Does this mean that we are now on the verge of the new era of conservatism?

At the closing day of the Forum – November, 28 – the Young Researcher sessions will be held, where the young researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students will share their views on the future of the economy and world politics with the audience.  

Official Forum web site: http://forum.fa.ru/en 

Forum dates: 26-28 November 2019 

Place: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt, 51/1