Natalia Radivojević, a Financial University student ambassador, made a successful presentation at the University of Belgrade earlier this year. Her presentation has been dedicated to the opportunities the Financial University provides to the students from Serbia.  

The Financial University International Office did the groundwork for Natalia's second visit to Serbia, which produced results. The University of Belgrade and the Financial University signed a cooperation agreement.    

A student exchange program developed in partnership with the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade (Serbia) will be the first step on the path of implementing the cooperation agreement. The program will be launched as of spring semester of the 2019/2020 academic year.

The candidates will be selected in September 2019 when a competition will be held for those who wish to participate in the academic exchange program (For further information, please see this page). 

We are confident that the Financial University International Student Ambassador program will further facilitate cooperation between the members of the international academic community.​