Ceremonial meeting of the University Academic Council that was dedicated to the 100th Financial University anniversary was held on 5 March 2019 in the University Assembly Hall.  The ceremonial meeting was attended by the representatives of the economic Ministries and agencies, rectors of the leading Russian universities, the Financial University staff members, graduates, partners and the University's friends. M.A. Eskindarov, the University Rector, offered a welcome speech to the audience. Then honorary guests made their presentations. After the welcoming presentations, certificates of merit, medals, and letters of commendation were handed out and honorary titles were awarded to the University staff members in a ceremonial environment. 

The following persons made their presentations: 

A.A. Tsurkan, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic; 

S.S. Galkin, Deputy Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation;

Yu.I. Zubarev, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation;

 N.S. Maksimova, Deputy Chairperson, State Duma Committee for Budget and Taxes, Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; Chairperson of the Board, Union of Financial Experts

S.E. Prokofyev, Deputy Head, Federal Treasury of the Russian Federation;  

P.A. Shevtsov, Deputy Head, Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation;

E. L. Platonova, Vice-President, All-Russia Union of Insurers;   

I.V. Shevchenko, Head, HR Department, Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation;

N.F. Galaguza, Counselor, Managing Director, Rosgosstrakh insurance company;

M.Yu. Aleskeyev, Chairman of the Board, UniCreditbank;     

V.A. Dmitriyev, Vice-President, Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation;  

R.S. Grinberg, Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Sciences; Research Director, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences;  

Yu.P. Zinchenko, President, Russian Academy of Education; 

A.A. Aleksandrov, Rector, Bauman Moscow State Technical University;

V.I. Grishin, Rector, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

S.A. Kudzh, Rector, MIREA - Russian Technological University;  

G.V. Kustarev, Rector, Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University;

M.A. Ratnikova, Vice-President, Free Economic Society of Russia;

A.N. Nesterova, Director-General, INFRA-M Research and Publishing Center.   

Greetings telegrams and letters sent from graduates and partners of the University, prominent statesmen, heads of ministries and departments, were read out. Grzegorz Witold Kołodko, Honorary Doctor of the Financial University, recorded and sent a video greeting. Saleem Khan, Professor of Economics at Bloomsburg University (USA) and Honorary Doctor of the Financial University, took the floor and greeted the University staff. After the honorary guests' presentations, a title of the Honorary Trustee of the Financial University was awarded by M.A. Eskindarov, the Financial University Rector, to G.V. Zabolotsky, President of Rosbank, a Financial University graduate, for significant support of the Financial University, assistance in   development of didactic activities and research and development of the University physical infrastructure. Sergei Voitenko, holder of the Golden Gramophone Award, performed and contributed to the festive atmosphere.