The University management met a few delegations of international partners on 28 February 2019. The meetings were part the University 100th anniversary celebration.  

 A delegation of the Tsenov Academy of Economics (Bulgaria) arrived to mark the upcoming University 100th anniversary. The following persons were the members of the delegation:   Ivan Marchevski, PhD, Rector, Mariyana Bozhinova, PhD, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, B. Borisov, Chairman of the General Board, A. Zahariev, Head of the Department of Finance and Lending, A. Sarkisyan, former Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and member of the Veterans' Club.  

 The Financial University was also greeted by the following representatives of the Hòa Bình University (Vietnam): Tô Ngọc Hưng, the University Rector, and Nguyễn Văn Hoà, Head of the Academic Affairs Department. The Financial University and the Vietnamese Universities built a good partner relationship long ago. The majority of the international Financial University graduates are the Vietnamese nationals.       

Marek Rocki, Rector of the Warsaw School of Economics, also arrived to greet the University on the day of celebration. The two Universities established good partner relations long ago and the friendship grows stronger over time. 

K.A. Azhekbarov, Professor Emeritus, and B.T.Toksobayev, Director of the Institute of Finance, Accounting and Statistics (Kyrgyzstan) did not overlook the important event.    

Professor M. A. Eskindarov, Rector of the Financial University, heartily thanked them all for the warm, sincere greetings sent to the management, graduates and the University staff and said the Financial University was a large united team and that history was just beginning.