Hooray! The first academic semester is over and the first Russian language test has been passed. It was a very exciting event for our students. You can sigh with relief and celebrate the Students' Day and good test results. Our students and Associate Professor Larisa Aleshina, Associate Professor Irina Zaitseva and   Ekaterina Pavlova, their Russian language instructors at the Department of Language Training, went to see the Great Moscow State Circus performance.  The circus performers prepared The Sandy Tale show for the audience. It was a terrific show! An adventure story full of extraordinary twist and turns unfolded before the thrilled audience. On the one hand, there was Jafar, the evil sorcerer and his dark mythical creature army. On the other hand, there was a brave Traveler and a Genie living in a lamp. In search of magical artifacts, we travelled here and there. Of course, as in all old fairy tales, good triumphed over evil, and all lived happily ever after. Trapeze artists, jugglers, equilibrists, acrobats on the swings showed their skills to our delight. We laughed when the clowns performed. However, a circus performance is incomplete without our beloved animal performers. Trained monkeys, talking parrots, intelligent dogs, graceful pumas, magnificent camels and lovely but clumsy hyppopotamuses performed to our delight and pleased the audience throughout the performance. They did a great job, and the audience applauded enthusiastically. Our students clapped their hands louder than anyone else, because it was their first time at the circus for some of the students.  It was very interesting to watch them sigh with delight. Each artistic act was followed by their oooh-oh-oh sound of approval. It was very touching. The students not only enjoyed the performance, but also brushed up their vocabulary. For example, they did not know names of some animals in Russian (camel, parrot, puma, hippopotamus).  Chinese students saw camels for the first time in their lives. They liked them very much. Camels were really good-looking. They are self-respecting animals with a kinglike look. They paced in a dignified manner on the arena and looked down on us. After their first visit to the Moscow Circus, the students would definitely want to return there once again. We are sure of this as the circus brings us all back to a distant and wonderful childhood.



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