We have developed the Destination Development training module of the Leadership and Strategies in Tourism master program within EurDiQ EU's ERASMUS+ Project.

The FinU Department of Management, Faculty of International Tourism, Sport Business and Hospitality Industry and the University of Nicosia developed the Destination Development pilot program in 2016/17-2017/18 academic year. It is part of the master program. A 'trial run' was given to the program.

 The key program goal is to give the master program students a better understanding of the modern destination development and sustainable management concepts. The theory is combined with the practical case studies and student individual project work within the program curriculum. This will help the students develop critical thinking skills and project work skills.

The open laboratory will become a center where the digital learning materials on destination development will be developed. The equipment available will enable shooting and editing instructional films dedicated to tourism destinations. In the laboratory, the students will have a chance to launch competitive start-ups and study within the programs offered by a network of universities. They will have an opportunity to listen to online lectures delivered by instructors of partner universities within different modules.

The Destination Development module materials were developed by the Financial University and the University of Nicosia (Cyprus). Other modules were developed by other universities within the university network.   The learning materials are available at the EurDiq educational platform located at: http://eurdiq.donstu.ru 



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