On 19/11/2018 the FinU International team received the delegation of the Mazaheb Islamic University headed by its rector Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari.

The Mazaheb University is widely known for its unique approach to education that encourages multiculturalism, and diversity.  Dr. Mokhtari and his colleagues explained how his university, operating under the aegis of the Supreme Spiritual Leader of Iran, is committed to create a liberal academic environment that promotes diversity and tolerance between religions. 

Rector Eskindarov personally welcomed the guests and pointed out that the delegation of the Mazaheb University is the first official mission from Iran to ever visit the FinU.  Professor Eskindarov and Vice-Rector for International Cooperation Alexander Linnikov spoke to the guests about the history and achievements of the Financial University and shared opinions on spheres of potential cooperation: students and professors exchange programs, joint research programs, and double academic guidance for Ph.D. papers. According to the Deputy Vice-Rector Professor Andrei Rementsov — an expert on professional training of foreign nationals in Russia and cooperation with the Middle-Eastern and Asian educational institutions with over 30 years of experience — initiatives discussed by Rector Eskindarov and Dr. Mokhtari appear exciting and quite feasible.

Rector Eskindarov has directed the FinU International team to pursue several specific joint projects with Iranian colleagues and instructed Vice-Rector Linnikov to explore further cooperation opportunities during his visit to Iran on 23-26 November, 2018.

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